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From mileage data points all the way to EV state of charge
GPS Signal Strength
Door Locks State
Windows Position
Value Forecast
Residual value
Fuel Level
Accident Events
Tire Pressures
Next Services
Trouble Codes
Dashboard Warning Lights
Fuel Consumption
Plug Type
Plugged-In Status
Charger Voltage
Charge Mode
Estimated Range
Battery Level
Charging Session
Weather Condition
Wake Up
Video Handover
Vehicle Time
Vehicle Status
Vehicle Information
Valet Mode
Theft Alarm
Text Input
Rooftop Control
Remote Control
Power Take-off
Parking Ticket
Parking Brake
Navigation Destination
Multi Command
Mobile Connection
Light Conditions
Keyfob Position
Honk Horn - Flash Light
Heart Rate
Car Graphics
Firmware Version
Failure Message
Driver Fatigue
Dashboard Lights
Cruise Control
Vehicle Location
Use Case
Fleet Electrification
Ingest vehicle fuel consumption and trip data into your fleet dashboard from our API. Meet the environmental goals with true carbon footprint planning.
Use Case
Fleet Management
Stream real-time mileage and location of your fleet. Predict maintenance needs and get notified about faults and errors.
Use Case
Ingest trip data overview with start and end location, time and mileage to fulfil tax requirements or analyse vehicle utilisation.
Use Case
Car Subscription
Maximise uptime, prevent damages and optimise for higher remarketing values with vehicle health parameters pushed into your system.
Use Case
Stolen Vehicles
In-vehicle telematics systems are complex to remove or block. That makes it easier to track geolocation data through the internal connectivity system even in case of car theft.
Use Case
Automate billing for usage-based insurance premiums (PAYD) based on real-time mileage data. Or, score driver risk based on car usage and driving style using acceleration, speed and ADAS information (PHYD).

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Connected Car Data

Data provided by connected cars are enhancing customer experiences, centralising mobility operations and are beneficial to fleets, suppliers, insurers, dealers, OEMs and much more. With connected cars producing so much data for analysis by all stakeholders, there are a host of exciting prospects for connected car data.

Useful information about a vehicle is gathered using the vehicle’s ECUs (Electronic Control Units) and CANs (Controller Access Networks). This data is transmitted over the air using mobile data networks and onboard sim cards. Telematics systems connect via the cloud which allows remote connection to a vehicle from a central source. Using an app or browser-based program, organisations can monitor many vehicle attributes in real-time.

Aspects such as location, locking status, speed, fuel usage and engine status are some examples of car data that is collected. There are a host of use cases for this data, some of which are yet to be discovered. Examples include traffic and pollution reduction for cities, connected infrastructure, autonomous driving and insurance claims and many more.

2021 saw 237 million connected vehicles on the road. With this rising to 400 million by 2025, it will become an industry worth $121bn. The majority of vehicles are now connected to the internet in some form, and by 2030, this figure is only set to increase. With 96% of new vehicles having built-in connectivity.

With built-in technology now the norm, vehicle brands are using connected car data to provide an exclusive customer experience for their users. This data is accessible by an app, which allows access to limited functions.

High Mobility’s unique partnership with major brands allows a much wider scope of vehicle data collection. With our adherence to ISO 27001, GDPR and TISAX standards, our security measures allow greater experiences for our clients as vehicle data is safe.

Connected vehicles have a plethora of sensors, GPS trackers and module connections. Meaning vehicles can generate 30 terabytes of data per day when operating. A portion of this was sent over the air to central operations.

At High Mobility, we provide the API you need for your vehicle fleet. Catering to fleet management, car rental, emergency services and much more. Our API is the interface you need to build your fleet management platform. Using onboard telematics and our API, you can remotely access various vehicle features including location, engine status, journey history and tyre pressures. Our unique partnership with major brands enables us to provide a wider range of vehicle data. Every vehicle connected to High Mobility's API is secure with an encrypted connection to our central servers via the cloud.

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