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Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

Monitor and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet operations with our connected car carbon footprint tracking solutions. With real-time visibility into vehicle emissions, fuel consumption and efficiency, identify high-carbon areas to target for green initiatives.

Track CO2 and other greenhouse gases produced by fleet vehicles with telemetry from combustion engines and electric powertrains. Set customised benchmarks and get alerts for high-polluting units based on emissions levels over time. Dig deeper into driving and maintenance behaviours tied to efficiency using fuel usage tracking and MPG analytics. Receive actionable insights into eco-driving training opportunities or routing optimisations to cut carbon footprint.

Centralised reporting provides visibility into emissions reduction over time as new technologies and operational changes take effect. Demonstrate measurable sustainability gains across your fleet to stakeholders and certification programs. Seamlessly integrate our carbon tracking tools with your existing telematics systems and fleet data platforms. Customisable to focus on core metrics for environmental impact analysis based on your improvement objectives.

Utilise the power of connected car data to enable closed-loop monitoring of carbon emissions as you drive strategic roadmaps for fleet sustainability.

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