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Location Tracking

Location Tracking

Optimise fleet distribution and asset utilisation with our real-time vehicle location tracking tools. On-demand visibility into vehicle locations allows fleet managers to make dynamic routing decisions for better service and lower costs. View all fleet assets on interactive dashboards with map displays, customisable geo-fences and location pins. Easily identify the nearest, fastest or most appropriate vehicles to dispatch based on traffic conditions and job site proximity. Reduce dead-heading and fuel waste with data-driven positioning.

Enhance coordination of vehicles, equipment and personnel using accurate ETAs and dwell time data at stops. Geofence triggers keep warehouse docks running smoothly by alerting when a delivery or pick-up arrives. Streamline operations with total fleet visibility.

Configure zones and get alerts when vehicles enter or leave assigned territories for improved security, compliance and operational control. Leverage hard braking, acceleration and speeding alerts to enforce safety, identify needs for driver coaching and avoid problems. Achieve new levels of responsiveness, safety and cost efficiency with real-time fleet location tracking powered by connected car data.

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