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What is Coordinates Data?

Location and spatial awareness use coordinate data for tracking a vehicle's whereabouts. It is also useful for several driver-assist systems. Mapping out the surroundings using LIDAR, RADAR and camera systems ensures vehicles adjust to any moving objects when driving autonomously or semi-autonomously. 

The onboard sensors map out objects in an X, Y and Z area. Coordinates data is used to constantly analyse the area in which the vehicle is moving. It is important that ADAS devices pick up dangers and can react accordingly. Although the driver has some control, it is beneficial that these systems are now in vehicles as they have proven to save many lives and prevent serious accidents.

Use Cases

During an incident, coordinates data can be provided for emergency services to pinpoint the location of the vehicle. Also, fleet management and insurers can identify which ADAS technology was used by a driver during vehicle operation. Safety scores are being used to reward drivers that are using driver-assist features correctly, and identify those who do not.

Insurance companies use coordinates data to back up claims of drivers. Pinpointing the exact location of the incident, understanding what autonomous features were used by retrieving the vehicle's black box module.