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What Is Charging Session Data?

Onboard control units both on the vehicle and the charge station measure charge session data. This data is combined to estimate charge time, power delivery from the charger, charging cost and much more.

Why Is Charging Session Data Important?

Charging session data is useful for customer experiences. Knowing what rate a user is charging can help them predict journey times, and inform them how much the charge session will cost and the rate of their charging.

When dealing with high currents and voltages, charging session data can be used to safely manage the charge station operation. Too much power on a hot day may cause malfunction, and too little power may indicate a fault.

Charging session data such as time spent charging, charge costs and energy used during each session can be used by fleet management organisations to monitor their users. Understanding these can assist with budgeting, average downtime and productivity for their fleet, and how often a vehicle is charged. Therefore, it helps fleet operators with maintenance schedules and monitoring battery conditions.