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What Is Trunk Data?

High-value goods can be stolen if a trunk is left unlocked or open for passers-by. This is why trunk data is a useful aspect for fleet managers and vehicle owners. Especially with the possibility of locking the trunk remotely.

Broken down, trunk data falls under three main categories. Lock status, safe state of the trunk for lock safety, and the position of the trunk lid.

Use Cases

Users may have a preference for the height of the trunk lid when operating an automated lift-gate feature on modern vehicles. Trunk data is used to configure the position of the trunk and prevent collisions with garage ceilings or low-slung objects that can damage the vehicle.

Fleet managers who monitor trunk data can work out if a vehicle trunk was left unlocked. This is vital for any fleet that transports highly valued or data-sensitive items such as laptops or phones. With trunk data sent remotely to fleet central operations, they can choose to remotely close or lock the trunk if they feel the vehicle and its goods are in danger.