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Remote Diagnostics

Remote Diagnostics

Reduce downtime and costs with our remote diagnostics solutions for proactive fleet maintenance. As a fleet manager, getting ahead of mechanical issues is essential to maximise vehicle uptime and utilisation. With real-time data from engine, transmission, emissions and other systems, our solutions enable early fault detection before major breakdowns occur.

Get notified of impending problems so you can schedule maintenance at opportune times. You can analyse streams of vehicle telemetry and diagnostics data to accurately predict potential failures and recommend preventative fixes. By getting repairs done early, you avoid more costly downtimes from losing a vehicle during critical operations.

Access easy-to-understand health dashboards that monitor check engine codes, battery status, tire pressure fluctuations and other vital signs from your fleet in real-time. Dig deeper into vehicle diagnostics with data like oil quality, brake wear percentage, coolant temperature and more to take a proactive maintenance approach. Leverage the power of connectivity and data to gain visibility and insight into fleet health.

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