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Bornemann is an ideal partner for accessing High Mobility's live vehicle data to enhance fleet and asset management solutions. With over 32 years of experience providing real-time localisation (RTLS) and sensor technology, Bornemann offers robust hardware and software for streamlining operations.

Bornemann's expertise spans indoor and outdoor tracking of vehicles, shipping containers, tools, and more. Their flagship offering is the Bornemann Cloud - an IoT platform that serves as a central hub for managing monitored objects and gaining data-driven insights. Vehicle tracking is a core competency, enhanced by High Mobility's integration for OEM-grade telematics data.

For transportation fleets, Bornemann implements a comprehensive logbook solution utilising both proprietary hardware and High Mobility's manufacturer APIs. This provides a complete view of vehicle locations, driving behaviours, diagnostics, and more. The data feeds into the Bornemann Cloud for advanced analysis, route optimisation, theft prevention, and other fleet management capabilities.

As a trusted German provider of made-to-order tracking and monitoring systems, Bornemann enables rapid realisation of connected vehicle use cases through its cloud services and High Mobility integration. Organisations that partner with Bornemann unlock robust, tailored solutions for managing fleets, assets, and inventory - all enriched by real-time OEM data accessible through High Mobility's extensive automotive partnerships.

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