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Damage Detection

Damage Detection

Keep your vehicles in top condition and detect issues early with our connected car damage detection solutions. As a fleet manager, staying on top of vehicle damage is crucial for operational efficiency, cost savings, and driver safety. With real-time data from sensors and IoT devices throughout your vehicles, our intelligent solutions identify collisions, dents, and other damage events.

Get notified immediately when impacts or accidents occur so you can assess damage, schedule repairs, and minimise downtime. With early detection, you can fix small problems before they lead to major mechanical breakdowns or safety hazards. From detecting external impacts to monitoring engine diagnostics, our connected car damage detection solutions provide complete visibility over your fleet.

You can track trends in damage frequency, repair costs, and accident-prone vehicles or drivers. With data analytics and reporting, take a proactive approach to fleet maintenance, driver training, and capital planning. Integrate our partner solutions for a comprehensive view of vehicle status, utilisation, and damage detection. Leverage connectivity and IoT to improve the durability, safety, and total cost of ownership of your vehicle fleet operations.

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