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CarValoo provides cutting-edge telematics solutions for fleet and rental companies powered by AI and High Mobility's live vehicle data. Their platform enables real-time damage detection, advanced EV monitoring, and robust general fleet oversight.

CarValoo’s AI is able to reliably identify all types of vehicle damages of any scale, from large impacts to even minor dents or scratches. By analysing OEM sensor data from High Mobility's APIs, precise notifications empower proactive repairs and resolution. Rental firms can minimise claims and lost revenue when issues are addressed quickly. Get precise damage reports in real-time, including contextual data and a crystal-clear assignment to the responsible party, eliminating the risk of having to pay for the repair yourself.

For electric fleet vehicles, CarValoo delivers essential intelligence on battery health and charging. Range alerts give advance notice when charge is running low during rentals. Voltage irregularities are flagged for battery maintenance. The platform also tracks charging sessions to provide audit trails and detect faults.

On the fleet management side, CarValoo leverages High Mobility's OEM data for comprehensive monitoring. Teams can view locations in real-time, set up geofences, and pull diagnostic trouble codes. Maintenance alerts are generated based on actual mileage and vehicle use data.

With CarValoo's intelligent telemetry, rental operators, car share services, and other fleet owners can optimise operations. Combining cutting-edge AI damage detection, EV battery analytics, and general vehicle tracking provides complete, real-time visibility powered by High Mobility's direct integrations with automotive brands. Talk to our experts to unlock data-driven fleet management today.

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