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Driving Style Analysis

Driving Style Analysis

Optimise safety, fuel efficiency and asset utilisation with our solutions for driving behaviour analysis. As a fleet manager, understanding driving habits across your organisation is key to reducing risk, costs and carbon footprint. Our solutions process real-time telematics data from speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and other metrics to provide deep visibility into on-road performance.

Get actionable insights into predictive risk scoring for drivers based on safety-critical events, traffic violations and poor driving behaviours over time. Identify high and low performers when it comes to fuel/energy consumption driving styles. Access trends in idle time to reduce environmental impact and save cost. Customise reporting and alerts to focus on the driving KPIs that impact your operational expenses, safety risks and sustainability goals.

Leverage the power of connected car data to gain visibility into driver performance, reduce risks and costs, while keeping vehicles and personnel safe. Contact us for a demo or consultation on the ideal driving analytics solution for your fleet!

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