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Rental Tracker is the ideal telematics partner for any organisation managing large fleets of vehicles. Their GPS tracking solutions combine robust hardware options with High Mobility's OEM integrations for comprehensive fleet oversight.

Rental Tracker offers various hardware devices for vehicle tracking. OBD connect provides real-time info by plugging into on-board diagnostics ports. Self-installed wireless trackers include the Relay, Stealth, and Wired 4G models. For fleets with newer vehicles, Rental Tracker can activate High Mobility's integrated OEM telematics data feed instead of additional hardware.

The centrepiece of Rental Tracker's offering is their specialised online portal. It equips users across transportation sectors with deep visibility into all fleet activity. High Mobility's live, direct-from-vehicle data enhances these capabilities for proactive fleet management.

In addition to transportation businesses, Rental Tracker provides customised tracking solutions to large governmental fleets. Police, military, customs agencies and more leverage their portal with High Mobility integration to monitor critical assets for security and accountability.

With Rental Tracker's flexible, end-to-end systems incorporating OEM-sourced telematics, any large fleet gains actionable insights for streamlining operations. Unlock optimisation potential and take your fleet management capabilities to the next level through this powerful collaboration.

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What problems does it solve?

Mileage Tracking
Streamline your business processes with automated, and accurate odometer readings provided directly by the connected vehicle.
Location Tracking
Predict arrival times, organise vehicle utilisation and optimise logistics with the help of live feed of vehicle GPS coordinates.
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
In-vehicle telematics systems are complex to remove or block. That makes it easier to track geolocation data through the internal connectivity system even in case of car theft.
Driving Style Analysis
Mitigate the risk of speeding and severe accidents by continually monitoring acceleration and ADAS information to promote safe driving behaviour.
Accident / Crash Management (FNOL)
Automatically initiate damage management and accident reporting by receiving accident events and vehicle health signals directly from the car.
Fuel & Energy Consumption tracking
Simplify budgeting and identify cost-saving opportunities. Validate fuel and energy bills by monitoring fuel volume and energy consumption.
Logbook / Trips
Trips data overview with start and end location, time and mileage to fulfil tax requirements or analyse vehicle utilisation.

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