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telematics page is your starting point to technical guides, supported models and brand-specific data availability via High Mobility car data API.

Mercedes-Benz API

High Mobility is at the forefront of connected car API. Working close with brands, the Mercedes-Benz API portal provides live updates from connected vehicles in a format that works for your business. 

Just like the ‘Mercedes Me Connect’ system, our API gives users real-time information on a number of areas including location, fuel level, mileage and journey history. Ideal for fleet management businesses that require service scheduling, preventative repair measures and theft warning for any of their vehicles in the field.

Mobility services are given a handy interface to seamlessly mould into their platform and enhance user experience. High Mobility is the Mercedes API portal partner of choice, compatible with most models from as early as 2016. 

Our direct relationship with Mercedes enables us to move freely and offer personalised data to our customers. Meaning you can work in a more immersive data environment. Mercedes telematics modules are transferring live data from the vehicle, via the cloud to our AWS servers. 

Data is protected via encryption and never shared with outside parties. As we follow strict GDPR policies, as well as ISO 27001 which blocks any unwanted users from data access. Best of all, High Mobility is TISAX certified and partners with the German auto industry to follow their strict procedures in protecting vehicle data.

Technical Guides

Our guides contain technical information specific to the brand's connected vehicles, including data plans, supported regions, and eligible vehicles.
Data catalog (Airtable)
Fleet data catalog (Airtable)

Supported models

A-Class (from 2016); B-Class (from 2016); C-Class (from 2016); CLA Shooting Brake (from 2016); CLA Coupe (from 2018); CLS Coupe (from 2016); CLS Shooting Brake (from 2016); E-Class Saloon (from 2015); E-Class Long Wheelbase (from 2016); E-Class Estate (from 2016); E-Class Coupe (from 2017); E-Class Cabriolet (from 2017); G-Class (from 2016); GLA (from 2016); GLC (from 2016); GLC Coupe (from 2016); GLC F-Cell (from 2018); GLE (from 2016); GLS (from 2016); S-Class (from 2016); SL (from 2016); SLC (from 2016); AMG GT (from 2017); V-Class (from 2016); X-Class (from 2017)