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Residual Value Monitoring

Residual Value Monitoring

Maximise asset value returns with our connected car residual value management tools. As vehicles age, understanding depreciation impacts and optimising life cycles is key. Our solutions provide retention analytics on actual vehicle wear-and-tear based on real-time streaming telemetry data. Monitor vehicle conditions throughout ownership to align resell, trade-in or replacement strategies with optimal timing.

Dashboards track diminishing value against book estimates based on parameters like mileage, major repairs history and maintenance compliance. Telemetry from engine diagnostics, ADAS sensors and electromechanical systems provide direct visibility into vehicle health. Predict potential costly repairs that can severely impact residual value if left unaddressed. Optimise resell timing based on indicators of impending major part replacements.

Centralise real-world vehicle usage data to apply accurate wear-and-tear diminishing adjustments to inventory book values. Identify poorly maintained units early for refurbishment or alternate channels before value drops further. Gain more control over asset lifespan management with data-driven visibility into vehicle conditions.

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