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Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Reduce the immense costs associated with vehicle theft with our integrated stolen vehicle recovery solutions. Gone are the days of relying solely on physical assets like alarms and immobiliser that can be circumvented. With connectivity, quickly identify missing vehicles and coordinate rapid recovery.

Our solutions integrate with telematics systems to provide real-time location data if vehicles are moved without authorization. Geo-fencing and speed alerts trigger if assets leave designated boundaries or operate after-hours. Track stolen vehicles in real-time to guide law enforcement right to the asset.

Integrate with existing alarm and access control systems to identify break-in or hotwiring incidents as they occur. Camera feeds detect unauthorised passengers so you can verify identities and intentions. Remote engine disabling can slow thieves down until the vehicle is secured. Customised dashboards and mobile alerts provide vehicle tracking analytics to optimise recovery coordination. Incident detection technology mitigates loss by closing the gaps that make assets vulnerable to begin with. Combining connectivity with more traditional physical security measures provides a layered defence to shield your fleet investments against theft and fraud.

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