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LoJack, a leader in stolen vehicle recovery and innovative automotive services, partners with High Mobility to enhance their offerings through integrated OEM telematics data.

By leveraging High Mobility’s APIs, LoJack can access a wide range of real-time vehicle data directly from the source to power new capabilities. Precise GPS coordinates and trip tracking provide updated location information to speed recovery of stolen vehicles. Diagnostic trouble codes enable early detection of electronic issues or tampering. Mileage data verifies odometer readings across the vehicle lifecycle.

High Mobility integration also bolsters LoJack’s existing solutions like crash detection and emergency call routing by tapping data right from a vehicle’s sensors and systems. With permissioned data access across many automotive brands, High Mobility powers the next generation of LoJack’s connected car services.

Combining decades of experience and installed tracking units with High Mobility’s ever-expanding OEM integrations, LoJack can deliver innovative offerings to customers seeking peace of mind through advanced vehicle protection and recovery.

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