High Mobility is an official data partner to car manufacturers. The brands below are supported by our Auto API.


Your time to innovate with car data is here. High Mobility's connected car API allows your mobility service to get data access clearances and receive real-time updates from millions of cars from OEMs.

Call High Mobility's Auto API to get connected car data in a standardised, brand-agnostic format with just one integration, whatever your database or information architecture. The best part is that you can start experimenting with the car data API for free using our car simulator.

Put simply, the Auto API is a catalogue of predefined data points for vehicles that follow a coherent structure and remain the same, irrespective of the brand or car model. It has been developed and maintained by High Mobility since 2014. The platform supports over 500 models from top vehicle manufacturers and more than 300 data items to combine.

High Mobility has a strict security policy. Following industry standards including GDPR and ISO 27001, we ensure that data is protected. We even went a step further to collaborate with car manufacturers that adhere to TISAX certification from Germany.

No matter how your business operates, we have an SDK that suits you. Whether you are smartphone app-first- or browser-based, our kits offer comprehensive guides on how to utilise our API to suit your needs. One data contract means with all our brands, third-parties are conforming to a central agreement that reduces bureaucracy and leaves you to focus on your users.

Digital logbook, smart insurance, car subscription, predictive maintenance are just a few examples of companies that are currently using car data from High Mobility.

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