Kia Live Vehicle Data Now Available via High Mobility

January 23, 2024
Kia is now partnering with High Mobility to provide third party software companies and fleet operators access to trusted vehicle data to enhance experiences for individual drivers and scale fleet management operations. Through High Mobility's platform, a comprehensive data set is available for professional vehicle management of popular Kia models like the Sportage, Niro, Ceed, EV6 and more. This includes confirmed mileage, vehicle location, consumption and charging information, as well as vehicle health details. With this data, Kia aims to enable improved services and innovations in areas like fleet optimisation, predictive maintenance, usage-based insurance and more.

Hardware-free and GDPR-compliant

With the addition of Kia vehicle data, High Mobility's Auto API now provides access to live car data from over 18 brands. This allows innovative software companies, insurances, and modern fleet managers to reach an even larger portion of drivers and vehicles. While some businesses still invest in non-native dongles, more and more fleets are transitioning to High Mobility's trusted, hardware-free alternative. Based on direct relationships with OEMs, High Mobility offers a single interface for multi-brand in-vehicle data, seamless onboarding, and GDPR-compliant consent flows. 

There are over 8 ways to consume Kia data through High Mobility, including push and pull options via MQTT and REST APIs. The harmonised data format also enables quick integration of Kia data into existing High Mobility compatible solutions. By expanding access to live manufacturer data, High Mobility is enabling businesses to scale connected car services and optimise operations across a diverse fleet.

Image Credit: Kia Europe

Next Level Fleet Management Enabled by Kia Data

Kia's partnership with High Mobility enables advanced fleet management capabilities by providing a robust dataset for automating common tasks. This includes tracking vehicle utilisation with trusted mileage data, monitoring fuel and electric consumption, and identifying vehicle locations after trips. Full vehicle health checks are also available for dashboard warning indicators, tire pressure, and diagnostic trouble codes. High Mobility's unique data provision approach allows customers to select specific data points to share with fleet operators or software providers. Pricing is tailored to individual needs as well, with no payment required for unused data.

Extending Driver Experience

Kia's partnership with High Mobility will enhance options for Kia drivers through new digital apps and services. The Kia data set enables streamlined logbook solutions where trips are automatically recorded, as well as future-proof pay-as-you-drive insurance that respects individual driving needs. For individual drivers, mobility insights can be generated by providing transparency into fuel and energy consumption and visualising vehicle health states.

High Mobility's multi-brand consent flow also secures data sharing in a GDPR compliant way, making it simple for third parties to meet regulatory requirements while developing innovative offerings. By opening access to data through High Mobility's platform, Kia is empowering third parties to create digital solutions that add convenience and customization to the driver experience. With streamlined access to trusted vehicle data, the possibilities are expanded for insurance, maintenance, and other connected mobility services tailored specifically to Kia drivers and vehicles.

A full overview of available Kia data points can be found in our Airtable overview. Commercial details and free consultations can be scheduled through our online calendar.

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