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Crash Management

Crash Management

Minimise the impacts of collisions and accidents across your fleet with our connected crash management solutions. Gain real-time visibility when incidents occur to respond quickly and efficiently. Our partner solutions can detect accidents from airbag deployments, sudden decelerations or other telemetry anomalies. Get immediate crash notifications with location details to dispatch assistance and manage response workflows. Accelerometers can even determine crash severity to prioritise actions.

With post-crash analytics, assess root causes and circumstances leading up to the event. Identify trends across high-risk intersections, accident-prone vehicles or drivers to reduce recurrence through targeted initiatives. Leverage crash detection and analytics to mitigate associated risks and expenses. Rapid assistance enabled by crash alerts minimises injury severity, contains hazards, and clears blockages preventing further pileups. Understand trends leading up to accidents to implement training for driving skills improvement and other corrective programs across your fleet. Customise crash response protocols and notifications to standardise practices across your organisation.

Utilise connected car capabilities for complete visibility over road incidents for your fleet. Contact us for a consultation on technologies to detect crashes as they occur and manage the aftermath.

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