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Remoso offers innovative fleet management solutions tailored for rental, sharing, and retail automotive businesses looking to optimise electric and fuel consumption. Their modular platform powered by High Mobility provides robust telematics capabilities for sustainability and compliance.

With expertise serving wholesalers and retailers, Remoso provides tools to maximise fleet utility. Their offerings specialise in tracking electric and fuel usage to align with evolving CO2 emissions legislation.

Remoso's telematics integration leverages High Mobility's live OEM data from vehicles to deliver granular visibility into consumption. Fleet managers can analyse real-time battery range, charging levels, fuel economy, and driving behaviours through user-friendly dashboards. By monitoring efficiency across the fleet, businesses minimise ecological impact in line with corporate initiatives and regulatory requirements.

Beyond sustainability, Remoso equips teams with comprehensive operational insights on fleet health, utilisation, and driver habits. Their modular product design allows customers to select specific capabilities to address their needs and budget.

Their specialised expertise in usage monitoring combined with High Mobility's OEM integrations provides actionable telematics intelligence. Partner with Remoso and High Mobility to future-proof your operations with scalable, connected fleet management.

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What problems does it solve?

Mileage Tracking
Streamline your business processes with automated, and accurate odometer readings provided directly by the connected vehicle.
Fuel & Energy Consumption tracking
Simplify budgeting and identify cost-saving opportunities. Validate fuel and energy bills by monitoring fuel volume and energy consumption.
Location Tracking
Predict arrival times, organise vehicle utilisation and optimise logistics with the help of live feed of vehicle GPS coordinates.
Carbon Footprint
Measure and optimise the carbon footprint for regulatory or policy-related purposes by combining fuel and battery information with WLTP static car data.
Logbook / Trips
Trips data overview with start and end location, time and mileage to fulfil tax requirements or analyse vehicle utilisation.
Accident / Crash Management (FNOL)
Automatically initiate damage management and accident reporting by receiving accident events and vehicle health signals directly from the car.
Maintenance & Remote Diagnostics
Maximise uptime, prevent damages and optimise for higher remarketing values by carefully inspecting the time to the next service requirement as well as more detailed vehicle health parameters.

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