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Fuel & Energy Consumption

Fuel & Energy Consumption

Optimise fuel efficiency, reduce costs and meet sustainability goals with our connected fleet vehicle fuel and energy tracking tools. Instant visibility into real-time fuel usage, battery efficiency, and MPG analytics provides the insights needed to minimise waste.

Stream precise fuel consumption rates directly from sensor data, eliminating manual tracking. Tagged metadata allows analysis based on vehicle, driver, terrain and other operational variables. Diagnose poor economy, detect leaks/theft, encourage better driving habits and route planning.

For electric fleet vehicles, tap into granular metrics on state of charge, regenerative braking rates, and battery range optimization. Receive insights into charging infrastructures gaps limiting utilisation. Implement data-driven adoption strategies for electrification.

Detailed dashboards spotlight trends, rankings and predictions on fleet mileage performance. Set driver scorecards, alerts on inefficient vehicles, and reports on savings opportunities related to terrain, payload weight and road conditions.

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