Official EV Charging API

February 3, 2024
In an era where EVs are reshaping our roads, High Mobility is pioneering the integration of advanced charging technology directly within cars. Our Auto API is at the heart of this innovation, offering a groundbreaking approach to charging experiences.

Our Auto API allows developers to integrate directly with charging event data from connected electric cars covering a variety of models and makes. You can access detailed logs of past charging sessions including key parameters like charging rates over time, locations, battery state of charge, voltages, connector types, costs, and more. Additionally, our platform provides live charging status when a vehicle is actively connected to a charger, enabling real-time synchronization with charging events.

Use Cases and Applications

Potential use cases include building consumer charging history apps and dashboards, fleet management platforms leveraging charge analytics, dynamic load optimization across shared charging depots, smart grid balancing programs responding to live EV charging signals, and much more.

Benefits for Developers

We simplify the complexities of EV charging technology for developers. We offer a streamlined interface for integrating various charging features, including charging status monitoring, charge scheduling, and energy consumption tracking. This ease of integration empowers developers to create more intelligent and user-friendly EV applications. We handle all EV authentication and connectivity, compliances, access permissions so you can focus on leveraging High Mobility’s high quality datasets from charging events across tens of thousands of connected electric vehicles globally.

Security and Compliance

Our Auto API embodies a robust approach to data security and privacy, ensuring the highest level of protection for developers and users. It offers real-time access to a wide range of data from vehicle sensors and embedded systems, securely managed through an efficient authentication and credentials system. This system significantly reduces the complexity for developers by handling the storage and management of digital credentials needed to access vehicles. Compliant with key regulations, High Mobility aligns with evolving government rules, adhering to data transparency and stringent cybersecurity controls, including GDPR, TISAX and ISO 27001 standards.

Community and Support

At High Mobility, we pride ourselves on our responsive support team, always ready to assist developers, typically within a day's time. Our platform is home to a thriving community of over thousand connected car developers, actively engaging in our open Slack group for collaborative problem-solving and sharing insights. 

We offer comprehensive documentations and open-source resources on GitHub, API librarie and SDKs to support a variety of development needs. Our developer portal provides tools and features like in-browser simulators for real-world application testing. This comprehensive ecosystem of support and resources is a testament to our commitment to community engagement.

Future Developments

Looking ahead, High Mobility is committed to continual innovation and development in the realm of connected car technologies. Our focus is on expanding the capabilities of our platform to integrate with an even broader range of vehicles and manufacturers. This expansion aims to offer more data points and functionalities to cater to the evolving needs of developers and businesses. We also anticipate incorporating advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to provide more intelligent and predictive analytics, enhancing both vehicle performance and user experience.

Furthermore, we plan to keep our platform aligned with the latest industry standards and security protocols, ensuring the highest level of data protection and system integrity. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of connected car technology, offering cutting-edge solutions that drive the future of mobility and automotive innovation.

Unlock new possibilities like never before directly from vehicle charging telemetry via API today! Our team is always happy to help you in every step of the integration process, you can get in touch with us here.

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