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Mileage Tracking

Mileage Tracking

Accurately track vehicle mileage and optimise fleet utilisation with our automated, real-time odometer tracking fleet solutions. Instant visibility into up-to-date mileage readings across every vehicle allows for data-driven management, routing and maintenance decisions.

Mileage data streaming eliminates manual recording errors and hassles associated with checkpoint tracking. Continuous odometer capture enables precise tracking of business vs personal miles for proper tax, reimbursement and policy compliance.

Real-time mileage alerts trigger scheduling of preventative maintenance like oil changes based on actual vehicle usage rather than static projections. Identify high and low utilisation units to right-size fleet composition saving capital costs.

Integrated mileage analytics provide visibility into issues like out-of-route miles that inflate operating expenses. Optimising routing and driver behaviour reduces fuel costs and carbon emissions. Quickly validate warranty, insurance and lease mileage limits have not been exceeded with audit trails showing precise accumulation by vehicle. Ensure mileage-based policies on tires, brakes and other components are applied accurately.

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