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IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions) is a vehicle and driving data business, delivering enterprise solutions to global insurers, mobility operators and  governments – with a focus on usage-based and telematics-based connected insurance offerings..

By leveraging High Mobility's integrations with real-time OEM vehicle data, IMS can fuse both OEM and aftermarket telematics data sources to offer insurers more options in driver risk assessment and profiling. 

Using the data source agnostic IMS DriveSync® platform, IMS has the ability to ingest High Mobility's live connected car data and supplement it with its own data sources. This provides added insight to OEM data, such as accurate mileage figures, vehicle health insights, location-based data and more for precise insurance risk assessment.

With permissioned access to on-board vehicle telematics through High Mobility, insurers can further evolve beyond demographics and credit scores. IMS helps insurers leverage behavioural driving factors for fairer, personalised policy pricing aligned to actual driving conduct.

IMS has extensive expertise in translating vast data points from High Mobility into predictive risk scoring. This empowers insurers to develop advanced usage-based insurance products and pricing models based on real-world driving behaviour signals.

Together, the partnership offers insurers more options and more possibilities. Whether creating MVP offerings or full-fledged products, IMS enables insurers to build the next generation of telematics-based connected insurance programs. With High Mobility's ever expanding OEM data access, IMS can help insurers further rethink risk assessment and have even more options to engage customers with innovative data insights and offerings.

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