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PHYD Insurance

PHYD Insurance

Optimise costs and risk analysis of vehicles with our connected car solutions for "Pay How You Drive" (PHYD). Leverage connected telematics data to implement dynamic usage-based insurance policies across your vehicles.

Integrate real-time driving data such as vehicle mileage, harsh braking incidents, route risk profiles and engine diagnostics into your systems. Precision underwriting based on actual driving behaviours enables significant cost savings over one-size-fits-all rate classes. Monitor high-risk driving in real-time with visibility into speeding frequency, accident patterns and failure to signal metrics. Take targeted action like incentives programs or dynamic policy rate adjustments to control premium costs.

Flexible PHYD parameters can be tailored to unique fleet vehicle types and usage models based on capabilities of existing telematics systems. Shift your insurance strategy from static to dynamic, leveraging real-time data to incrementally incentivize safety improvements.

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