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Valtech Mobility is an automotive software company, providing connected services to 30 million vehicles of the world's leading car manufacturers and other mobility players.  

With its full-service whitelabel solution "ridewise", Valtech Mobility leverages the capabilities of millions of connected vehicles to enable smart insurance use cases such as Pay-How-You-Drive or First Notification of Loss.

Thanks to its extensive integrations with data platforms such as High Mobility, ridewise transforms driving data into individual risk profiles by enriching connected vehicle data with data from the driver's smartphone.

Using High Mobility's OEM APIs, ridewise can pull real-time telematics data directly from policyholders' vehicles to provide a consistent database for transparent scoring without the need for aftermarket hardware.

The full-service package includes insurer-branded apps as touchpoints for customers, consent management processes that are fully GDPR-compliant, end-to-end system integrations with scoring providers and insurers, and technical support at all levels.

Availability of high-frequent data for PHYD insurance solutions facilitates calculation of accurate risk profiles, help reduce cost and complexity while addressing millions of drivers.

Are you keen to leverage connected vehicle data and enter mass-market with your smart insurance offerings?

Partner with Valtech Mobility and take the next step in the evolution of usage-based insurance with ridewise.

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PHYD Insurance
Score driver risk based on car usage and driving style based on acceleration, speed and ADAS information.

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