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PAYD Insurance

PAYD Insurance

Leverage vehicle telemetry to implement fair, usage-based insurance models across your vehicles. Our PAYD (pay-as-you-drive) tools integrate with policies to index premiums and deductibles to real-world driving behaviours and risk.

Connect telematics data like vehicle mileage, traffic violations, aggressive acceleration/braking, night travel percentages and engine diagnostics directly. Precision underwriting based on individual driver profiles enables significant cost savings over one-size-fits-all rate classes.

Dashboards allow insurance companies to identify high-risk driving behaviours in real time. With visibility into data like speeding frequency, accident patterns and failure to use signals, take targeted action like coaching, incentives programs or policy updates to incrementally reduce premium costs.

Flexible PAYD parameters can be tailored to unique usage models and existing telematics capabilities. Apply insurance discounts for fleet vehicles purpose-built for high utilisation like taxis and delivery vans based on accurate odometer data. Integrate proprietary risk scoring models or safety systems for further savings. Shift your fleet insurance strategy from reactive to proactive leveraging connected car capabilities.

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