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SilverDAT is a comprehensive software platform from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT) that provides precise vehicle data sourced directly from automobile manufacturers. It offers a range of specialised modules tailored for different segments of the automotive sector like dealerships, repair shops, appraisers, insurers and more. The core modules include vehicle valuation, repair cost calculation, vehicle identification via VIN decoding, damage management through an online collaboration platform, and remarketing capabilities to list vehicles on major online marketplaces.

A key strength of SilverDAT is its professional vehicle valuation module that provides used vehicle pricing based on actual market transaction data. It can accurately value cars, trucks, motorcycles and even factor in battery health for electric vehicles. The repair cost calculation module uses original manufacturer data and repair manuals to meticulously estimate repair costs down to the last detail. SilverDAT also simplifies damage claims handling through digitised processes and electronic approvals across all parties involved.

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