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What Is Vehicle Speed Data?

Speed data can be taken from GPS devices onboard a vehicle. Combining distance over time data produces an accurate calculation of speed. Within a vehicle, sensors are used to determine a wheel's speed and through a series of data connections and ECUs, the speed is displayed to the driver on their dashboard.

Use Cases

A vehicle's speed data can be used in many ways. With local infrastructure, a vehicle's speed can identify dangers for motorists. Governments can see where accidents occur and work out vehicle speeds. Identify if drivers are speeding and introduce other measures to slow them down.‍

Fleet management can seek improvements for their drivers using speed data. If an area has heavy traffic and a vehicle is moving slowly, then other routes and optimisations can occur to improve the flow of their operation. Ultimately saving businesses time and investment.

Organisations can reward those that obey speed limits and drive safely. With analytics to map out the most efficient routes based on speed and GPS data. The overall journey time can be planned out in advance if average speed data is used. This maps out when a vehicle is due back to base and how long it takes for a driver to operate in the field.