Honk Horn - Flash Lights

Alerting other drivers by honking horns or flashing lights is a common practice across the globe. Honk Horn or Flashing Lights Data is useful if there is an upcoming danger. As flashing lights are used to warn other motorists. Or, if there is an immediate chance of danger, then the horn will be pressed to warn other drivers nearby. 

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What Is Honk Horn Flash Lights Data?

Several factors determine what a driver might be faced with whilst on the road, indicating they need to honk the horn. Honk Horn Flash Lights Data includes the state of the emergency or hazard lights, how many times the lights have flashed, the operating of the flashing lights and the time that the horn was honked.

Use Cases

During an incident, fleet managers and drivers can look at Honk Horn Flash Lights Data to see if either was activated before a crash. If so, drivers were alert enough to warn others before being involved in an accident. Plus any Honk Horn Flash Lights Data can determine whether another driver was adequately warned before an incident occurred.