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What Is Cruise Control Data?

Adaptive cruise control takes us closer to autonomous driving too. With a set distance behind the driver in front, you are trusting a host of sensors and radar systems to keep you safe on the road.

The adaptive cruise control has a set speed at which the driver would like to go if there is no vehicle in front to follow. Cruise control data is used to keep the vehicle at this set speed by monitoring wheel speed, engine speed and in some cases traffic signs to determine the speed limit of that stretch of road.

Use Cases

Fleet management can determine how often a driver uses the cruise control feature and whether the driver has gone beyond the speed limit. Cruise control can help with fuel economy on long routes. Other use cases include the speed that drivers choose in a particular area. All from the cruise control data being sent over the air to central servers for remote access.

In a crash, cruise control data can be analysed to see if the driver had it enabled leading up to the incident. Helping to get a bigger picture of the conditions of the car when analysing the incident.