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What Is Vehicle Acceleration Data?

Accelerometers are used to sense the rate of change in the speed of a vehicle. This data is converted electronically and stored for users to view. 

Use Cases

An instrument cluster can show drivers on the road or track how they are cornering, braking and accelerating, all using acceleration data. This data provides fleet management companies with information such as hard braking, accelerating and cornering, which may lead to tyre and component degradation. With hard acceleration and braking, components are worn out much quicker and need replacing more often, reducing the life of a vehicle.

Tips can be handed out to drivers to help improve their acceleration and braking behaviour. Acceleration data could save a business money if the cargo were damaged from abusive driving, with the potential for lots of continuous improvement initiatives from working out what went wrong.‍

Acceleration data can look at how severe a crash was. With live data being sent via the cloud, emergency services can come to the rescue if heavy deceleration criteria are met as this indicates that the vehicle had been in an accident.