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What is Vehicle Direction Data?

Knowing where a vehicle is heading indicates that a driver is going the correct way. Compass directions are one important element that makes up GPS navigation systems in vehicles and devices.

Cars sometimes have built-in compasses or can otherwise use GPS to work out the direction of travel. Heading data is used to update directions for navigation systems. This data is sent over the air using mobile data networks to a central server that fleet managers can access to give the direction of vehicle travel.

Use Cases

Keeping track of fleet vehicles ensures smooth operation for businesses. If a driver is heading in the wrong direction, a notification can be sent to fleet operators to quickly get drivers back on the correct path. 

Heading data is used by navigation systems to work out journey time too. With direction and speed of travel, GPS can identify journey history and map this out for analysis.

Heading data can be used to work out insurance claims. During an incident, the direction the vehicle was heading can be important evidence in court cases and from witnesses.