Rooftop Control

Convertibles have been around for as long as the motorcar. Nowadays, motors and control modules need rooftop control data to monitor the state of the convertible roof. Whether a vehicle has a hard or soft top, the driver can choose whether they want the roof up or down with just a button. More advanced vehicles have an app that controls roof function too, by using their smartphone. 

Full Data Catalog

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What Is Rooftop Control Data?

Extra features such as dimming, auto closing during rainfall and sunroof tilting positions are in modern vehicles. Rooftop control data forms part of the status of each of these and more. It also works out the state of the convertible roof and the percentage in which the sunroof is open.

Use Cases

When managing a fleet, it is important to keep vehicles in good condition, but rainfall can unexpectedly occur. Rooftop data notify fleet managers that a convertible or sunroof is automatically being closed because of rain or poor weather. Accessing roof data remotely also enables users to close sunroofs if a driver is away from the vehicle or at night for security reasons.