Dashboard Lights

A vehicle dashboard hosts all the important alerts that drivers need when operating a vehicle. They determine the status, functionality and safety of the vehicle. When they illuminate or a driver is alerted, something usually needs addressing. Monitoring what dashboard lights come on is important when running a fleet of vehicles for businesses.

Full Data Catalog

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What Is Dashboard Lights Data?

The data behind dashboard lights is extensive. Dashboard light data is a collection of all the vehicles diagnostics, safety and settings that drivers need to know. As there are so many alerts, dashboard light data can display a door being open, low tyre pressures, AdBlue level, the battery, the headlights not working, components failing, service is due and much more. 

Use Cases

Remotely accessing dashboard light data gives the ultimate view of the vehicle status. Fleet managers, rental companies and other businesses can tap into this data to analyse their fleet. If the vehicle is faulty, the dashboard light data displays what’s wrong. Also when maintenance is due on the vehicle, it needs to be booked in for a service.

A critical safety feature may not be functioning, the vehicle needs to be taken for inspection and repair straight away to avoid potential incidents for drivers. Finding a small fault early can prevent long-term, expensive repairs and fleet managers can attend to the issue quickly and save on costs.