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What Is Vehicle Information Data?

Similar to a database, vehicle information data is stored as fields and types. For instance build dates, colours, country codes, drive type, number of seats, doors and engine capacities are all stored in vehicle information data.

It fully lays out the model variant including additional options, powertrain, transmission type, time zone and intended market for the vehicle.

Use Cases

Vehicle information data is useful to fleet management to access as it gives an overview of the vehicle. Knowing what power, age, transmission and number of doors and seats the vehicle has helped companies make decisions on which vehicle to use for a job. If the car is manual and operators prefer an automatic, this can be filtered from a list of vehicle information data within a database.

Also, any tampering with the vehicle can be found by linking Licence Plate and VINs to when the car was new. If the vehicle has changed colour or power from its original factory configuration, this could identify a car that may have been stolen or illegally modified.