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What is Window Position Data?

Ensuring the window is closed is important for the security and safety of a business and personal vehicle. ‘Open’ or ‘closed’ are the two main data points captured by a telematics device which is sent to a central server. The degree to which a window is open forms the next step in analysing window position data. As it has several important use cases.

Window Position Data Use Cases

In recent times, due to the pandemic, airborne viruses are being analysed much more. The way that airflow affects the distribution of the virus, how easy it is for others to catch and the amount of virus in the air gives us an understanding of the transmission rate.

During wet weather, it is important to ensure windows are closed to prevent vehicle and cargo damage. Window position data can be combined with weather and location data to make sure nothing inside the vehicle gets damaged. If windows are left open and it starts raining, users can be sent an alert to close the window, or triggered automatically to close the window in these conditions.