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What is Door Lock State Data?

With modern technology including keyless entry and start, thieves are hacking into and starting vehicles without keys. Making sure doors are locked is an important part of preventing theft and can leave users with peace of mind when doors are locked.

Door lock status is sent via telematics devices built into the vehicle to a central server that end-users such as drivers and fleet management companies can access. Typically this data can be the main occupant's doors, or the hood and tailgate status. It may be useful to know if the fuel filler cap is locked to ensure fuel cannot be stolen when a vehicle is parked.

Use Cases

The status of doors can be used in cases when a vehicle is stolen, to hold accountability to drivers if they know they have incorrectly locked the doors. Automatic door locks can activate after a certain speed to prevent theft when driving. After the vehicle is used, drivers can check the status of the doors using a smartphone app if they are away from the vehicle. Especially useful if they are in a different country.

Alerts can be sent to fleet management operators when a vehicle is unlocked at an unusual time, indicating theft or unauthorised access. Door lock status can trigger the number of times a vehicle is stopped and left unattended to understand the risks in the area.