Navigation Destination

A host of navigation destination data points are used to get accurate distance and arrival times. Drivers need to know when they will be arriving, how long they have left to drive and the ability to add multiple destinations or POI to their trip. 

Full Data Catalog

Our data catalog on Airtable contains technical information specific to each data category, including its properties and their production availability.

What Is Vehicle Navigation Destination Data?

Combining all of the necessary journey information, navigation destination data uses accurate readings from GPS and mobile data networks. Converting addresses to coordinates, mapping out points of interest (POIs), and determining journey time. 

Navigation Destination Data points include remaining time until reaching your destination, name of the destination, POI data slots available, and distance until reaching the destination.

Use Cases

Constant GPS monitoring allows users to know when they will arrive at a location. They can schedule meetings, or call ahead if they are running late. Fleet managers can use Navigation Destination Data to predict how long their vehicles will take to reach destinations too.

Navigation Destination Data can also be used to add bespoke points of interest. If a user needs to visit several locations often, the POI data is useful to store these on the vehicle's navigation system.