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What is seatbelt data?

To understand if a seatbelt is being used or not, weight sensors are built into most modern vehicles today. If the sensor identifies an occupant is using that seat, then a warning sound will alert the driver that that occupant is not using a seat belt. Seatbelt data can also be fed through telematics systems on vehicles to a central server and identify how many people are inside a vehicle.

Use Cases

Identifying how many occupants and if they are using a seatbelt is useful to organisations. Taxi firms can see the average amount of passengers for a journey. They can also plan out their next vehicle purchase, determining how many seats their vehicles should have.

It gives vital safety data, if the seatbelt data provided shows occupants not wearing a seatbelt in a crash, it can work out the root cause of injuries and fatalities in an incident. Reminders can be sent to fleet management companies informing them that drivers do not use their seatbelts, or if there are any unexpected passengers in their vehicles.