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What Is Chassis Data?

Off-roading has a huge following, and chassis data here is useful. Adjusting the suspension and ride heights are vital when tackling rough terrain. Not only does it give drivers the best chance in overcoming obstacles, but it also protects the underbody of the vehicle.

Chassis data uses onboard vehicle sensors to determine the height of the vehicle. It also calculates the spring rate for the suspension to make sure it is being adjusted accordingly. Making sure it is in a safe condition for the vehicle to function.

Use Cases

When loading a vehicle, the suspension and ride height are affected. Chassis data can be fed to a vehicle module that adjusts the suspension level of a vehicle equipped with air suspension for example. This ensures the vehicle feels as close to normal driving as possible, even with a heavy load.

Also, when driving in extreme weather conditions, or on race tracks, chassis data can be analyzed for improvements in lap times, terrain ability and much more. Sending this chassis data remotely using cloud services from High Mobility enables remote access to users.

Race teams, fleet managers and commercial businesses can all utilise chassis data to make sure the vehicle is working effectively on the terrain it is dealing with.