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What Is Off-Road Data?

Two main off-road data points are captured within this category. One is the incline of the route and how much elevation the vehicle is undertaking. The other is the suspension level percentage, measured between 0 and 1 (100%) to measure ride height.

Use Cases

When a vehicle is driving on an incline, sensors detect the vehicle's grip and condition. If the grip is available in one area, then power can be focussed on that area. With the ECU transferring engine power to one or two wheels. Plus, off-road vehicles have low-range transmissions, which can be activated using off-road data if the incline/descent is too steep.

Plus, ride heights can be adjusted using sensors and camera data. If there are troublesome rocks or deep trenches in the area then the suspension can be adjusted to overcome this and protect the undercarriage of the vehicle.