Wireless internet is now common in vehicles. Wi-FI data shows the status of the connection to inform drivers about the ability to connect to the network. 

Full Data Catalog

Our data catalog on Airtable contains technical information specific to each data category, including its properties and their production availability.

What Is Vehicle Wi-Fi Data?

Data such as which network is connected, the security of the network, the SSID, password and status of connection are all part of Wi-Fi data.

Use Cases

Fleet managers can monitor which Wi-Fi networks the vehicle is connected to. Any suspicious activity is flagged using the security status of the network. Preventing any data breaches is important for company devices connected to the Wi-Fi data network in the vehicle too. Protecting them against any attacks by incorporating the right security prevents this.

It is also possible to change passwords remotely by feet management operators. They are able to communicate using onboard telematics devices in vehicles.