Light Conditions

Sensors on modern vehicles use Light Conditions to work out the position of the sun and what features to activate for users. Light Conditions Data has tie-ins with many safety functions too. For instance, during dusk, auto headlights switch on, interior lighting changes and drivers are informed that it is getting dark. 

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What Is Light Conditions Data?

Light Conditions Data measures the illuminance of the inside and outside of the vehicle. Using car light sensors, when a light goes below a certain threshold, vehicle features are switched on.

Use Cases

Fleet managers can use light conditions data to work out if a driver is driving late at night or early in the morning. This could be outside of their permitted shift pattern and warnings can trigger central operations. 

Tunnels and bridges are sometimes not illuminated. Meaning Light Conditions Data can be used to switch on external and internal lights to illuminate the road ahead and keep a safe operation of the vehicle to prevent accidents.