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What Is Vehicle Doors Data?

With sophisticated APIs from High Mobility, door status data is retrievable remotely by fleet managers, drivers and external parties. Many door data points are captured using onboard sensors and control modules. Door data can be the lock status for each door, whether the doors were locked from the inside. All this gives an overview of the entire vehicle.

Use Cases

Understanding the door lock status after a vehicle is stolen is useful in determining what mistakes were made. If the doors were left open, then thieves are more likely to steal contents in a vehicle or the vehicle itself.

Also accessing door data remotely means fleet managers can set up automated checks after a shift. If doors are left unlocked, they can be remotely locked at a certain time for security.

Some doors may need to be permanently locked because they will never be used. For example the front trunk on an EV, where fleet owners do not want any interference with the electrical systems.