Parking Ticket

Having onboard parking ticket data removes the need to buy individual tickets for every car park. Implementing this system means accurate readings of time parked, parking fees and any parking fines would all be linked to the vehicle. Parking operators can also monitor their car parks remotely instead of ticket wardens being present at the location. 

Full Data Catalog

Our data catalog on Airtable contains technical information specific to each data category, including its properties and their production availability.

What Is Parking Ticket Data?

Parking Ticket data is a mix of everything involved with parking. Including the operator's name, a ticket ID, parking status and parking ticket start and end time.

Use Cases

If a vehicle is parked for longer than it should, a fine can be implemented easily, as the parking ticket data is attached to the specific vehicle. Fleet managers can remotely access ticket data on behalf of the driver in case they are not in a position to extend the parking time. This is ideal when drivers are busy during their day or have unexpected delays and don't have time to extend the ticket. This prevents fines and unnecessary costs for businesses that operate a fleet.