Driver Fatigue

Monitoring a driver's well-being forms part of driver fatigue data. It detects how tired a driver is and how safe it is for them to continue to drive. 

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What Is Driver Fatigue Data?

Sensors housed in the dash or above the driver's head monitor head and eye position. This driver fatigue data ensures there is minimal risk of drivers falling asleep on the road. Once this is detected, alarms can sound and vibrations in the seat wake the driver up to make them concentrate on the road.

Use Cases

If a driver is too fatigued, an alert can be sent to fleet managers. Making them aware that the driver is no longer able to drive safely. This reduces the likelihood of crashes and is the ultimate safety feature. As driver fatigue is a big factor in today’s vehicle crashes. 

Preventing driving when drivers are too tired will ensure no risk of the company or contents that a vehicle is storing will be damaged. If the incident already has occurred, then driver fatigue data can be used to determine if the driver was not alert enough to drive.