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What Is Fueling Data?

Fuel flaps can be locked when the vehicle is locked, or separately opened using a key. Either way, fueling data is used to determine the status of the fuel flap by position sensors housed in the filler cap area.

Use Cases

If a fuel cap is open, a warning can be displayed to the driver to prevent unwanted spillage when driving. Having the fuel cap open can also spell danger as a flammable liquid is sent over the road surface. Knowing the fueling data also reduces the risk of fuel being stolen from the vehicle. With remote access, fueling data can determine when and how often the vehicle is re-fuelled too.

Understanding driver habits and the location of re-fuelling can be used towards cost-saving activities too. If fueling data is combined with fuel level and location data, then the most cost-effective way of re-fuelling can be determined. If there are cheaper fuel stations in the area, fleet management can request drivers to use these fuel stations instead.

Plus, carrying excess fuel adds unnecessary weight and returns poor economy. If drivers only re-fuelled when needed, costs can be saved too.