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What Is Plugged-In Status Data?

The vehicle may need to be plugged into a public or home charging system. The status of charging is communicated within the car using data networks. The charger network also needs to be informed to allow charging and to stop charging if the vehicle is not plugged in.

Telematics modules in EVs allow users to check the plugged-in status data using an app on their smartphone. This can be remotely checked anywhere in the world using mobile data networks and a central server that both the vehicle and user access. The plugged-in data informs users if a vehicle is plugged-in and charging, plugged in and completed charging, or not plugged in.

Use Cases

Fleet management organisations can check whether a car is charging and plugged in. Once charging is complete and the vehicle is still plugged in, that vehicle can be switched to another that needs charging. This allows efficient charging schedules and makes sure entire fleets are operating, with minimal downtime.

Users at home may need to work out if their vehicle is charging and plugged in. Reminders can be sent to a user's smartphone if the plugged in data shows charging complete, or if there are any issues with the charger. Allowing users to begin or end charging remotely too.