Video Handover

New vehicles use video handover data when they are shown to the customer for the first time. This data is important to help a user set up the vehicle with their preferences, and lets them know how to operate it. 

Full Data Catalog

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What Is Video Handover Data?

Infotainment screens often show video handover data. The vehicle needs to point to a particular screen when displaying videos too. The handover video also needs to begin at a certain time and most importantly it needs to point to a URL - whether that is a video stored directly on a central server or part of a webpage.

Video handover data can go in-depth into setting up the car the way a user would like. Including how to navigate menus, use infotainment features and find vehicle information.

Use Cases

When a new vehicle is given to someone who has never used it before, they may need to get to grips with how to operate it. Businesses can use vehicle handover data to add important safety and operational steps for their users using video handover data too.